despite popular belief, no one’s hair needs to be washed every day. 

i don’t wash my hair every day. a lot of times, when it inevitably comes up in conversation (somehow, it always seems to), people will ask me, “so do you shower every day?” i also get, “what do you do about your hair getting oily?” and other things along those lines. anyway, i thought i’d share some of my “secrets” (;

on showering

personally, i don’t really like body odor. i do like to shower daily. so what i do is i just throw my hair up in a bun, put on a shower cap (you can buy a pack of eight at dollar tree for a buck if, like me, you’re not very wealthy), and do my shower thing. it’s not something special —millions of people use shower caps. 

on oily scalp

white people hair has a tendency to get oily, which is why a lot of people wash it every day. the problem with washing your hair every day is that it strips your hair of its natural oils, which is not good, because your body freaks out and makes even MORE oil. it’s just a horrible cycle.

sooo, dry shampoo is the answer! now, you have a LOT of dry shampoo options. this one by suave is three dollars and apparently it does the trick. there’s also this one by dove that’s around five dollars. those were the cheapest ones i could find, but you might want to consider giving this list a look, as i haven’t actually used these products.

personally, i use two things. one is salon grafix’s invisible dry spray shampoo (which i wouldn’t personally recommend —it’s just something we already had lying around and it works in a pinch), and my secret weapon, corstarch! cornstarch is great for absorbing oil! i mix it with cinnamon (i have brown hair and i don’t want white powder in my hair! plus, it smells great all dat) and i apply it with an old makeup brush at night (so it can absorb oil while i’m sleeping. i also wear my hear up in a bun to keep it off of my face (which tends to get oily. if that’s not a problem for you, this probably isn’t necessary).

the only thing about using cornstarch is this: it gives your hair a sort of… idk, weird texture. it’s a combination of dirty hair and cornstarch and it’s a little weird. also, you need to make sure that you don’t use too much! i did the first time i used it, and it took forever to brush it out.

on other stuff

brush your hair with a natural bristle brush to distribute the oil on your scalp to all of your hair. do this before bed (and if you’re gonna use dry shampoo at night, do this before that!)

dirty hair that’s well maintained is soooo much easier to style. it also has way more volume (if you’re like me and you tend to look like a freshly-washed cat with flat as hell white girl hair)!

if you want to heat style your hair, i suggest doing it when you wash your hair (straightening, curling, etc)

how long you go without washing your hair, and how you go about maintaining it is entirely up to you! it has to do with hair type and personal preference. also, use different sorts of dry shampoos at your own risk —not every product works the same way on every hair type!! this is your official disclaimer!!

have fun! whether you decide to wash your hair less frequently or not, i still hope that this was at least an interesting and possibly helpful post? (the information is from various places around the web and from personal experience).

anyway, thanks for reading! xo

the thing is, i don’t think that dreads are entirely disgusting in white hair. my sister had dreads and she maintained them really well and she kept them clean and they were pretty nice. the problem is that white hair doesn’t loc naturally like black hair so most of the time they end up looking gross.

if you’re white and your hair is relatively straight i am sorry but your hair does not naturally dread. those are knots. your hair is literally tying itself together bc you don’t want to take care of your hair. please love yourself and buy a brush. you can get one for a dollar. one dollar.